Muffler Replacement Shop

Owning a vehicle means that at some point there will either need to be a repair or you will need to maintenance it some point. If you are looking for a certified mechanic with a great reputation then St. Paul Automotive is here for you!

If you want to return to the road quickly and work with some that is reputable and competitively priced, then we are here for you. At our auto repair shop in St. Paul, we proudly provide auto repair in St. Paul and surrounding areas since 1980. With our years of experience and our dedication to being a staple in our community, we are here to bring you the best service in Minnesota. No matter what the make or model, domestic or import we offer service for all vehicles.

Oftentimes throughout your vehicle’s life, a muffler replacement will be necessary. So what do mufflers do? Well they are apart of your exhaust system. This system ensures toxic exhaust fumes stay out of your car cabin and works to make your engine run smoothly and correctly. Also, it gives you the best possible fuel efficiency and cuts emissions that pollute the air.

Muffler Replacement Shop

Muffler’s last a long time. Mufflers that were built since the 90’s tend to last awhile. In Minnesota where our cars endure hard weather. Although mufflers can last a long time because they are built with stainless steel and controlled by computers, the winters here really are rough on our vehicles.Many people do not fully understand when to be concerned for their muffler. As oftentimes there is dripping from the muffler, this is normal. Water condensation will drain through the muffler’s drain hole or out of the end of the tailpipe. It’s completely normal and caused by the engine itself.

Although you may not think muffler’s are that important, it is not a good idea not to remove one, or not fix a muffler it is not a good idea. The United States mandates that you have to have a muffler on your car to be able to drive it on U.S. streets or highways. If you are without a muffler it is unbelievably loud and exhaust fumes will also enter the cabin of your vehicle which are unsafe to inhale and can cause illness and even death. So when you need to repair or replace a muffler, not only is it a law, but it is a safety measure.

When you are looking for a muffler replacement shop in St. Paul, Minnesota, then St. Paul Automotive is here for you. Call us today and we will help repair your car and get it up and ready as it should.