No Contact Car Repair in St. Paul

There is no doubt that we are living in unique and difficult times as we evaluate potential risk for completing normal everyday tasks. In response to concerns related to the COVID-19 outbreak, St. Paul Automotive is offering no contact car repair in St. Paul so that you can take care of any issues related to your vehicle without compromising your safety.

Safe Car Repair During COVID-19

One of the convenient aspects of being in the car repair business is that the vehicles themselves cannot spread viruses. Our business is set up to help you maintain a sense of normalcy in your life especially at a time when things do not feel normal. You may be finding that you are driving less than you are used to, and regardless of how much driving you have to do, you still need a vehicle that is reliable and safe. In fact, it may be even more important than usual to feel confident that your vehicle will safely get you where you are going.

St. Paul Automotive continues to perform all the repairs and services you have grown used to getting from our shop. We can now do our vehicle intake with no contact so that you can feel an added layer of assurance. Of course, “no contact” does not mean “no communication.” We will continue to stay in close communication (by phone and/or email) so that we fully understand the issues your vehicle is having. In turn, we will provide you with detailed information, our best recommendations for the repairs your vehicle needs, and the same informative and respectful dialogue we always strive for with our customers. For the time being, we will simply do that either by phone, email, text, or a minimum of six feet away.

No Contact Car Repair Shop in St. Paul, MN

Automotive repair almost always requires that a technician sit in your vehicle, if only to move it from the service bay to our work-completed area. We always take care to leave your car in at least as good condition as we received it, but now we will also ensure that it is thoroughly sanitized before you take possession of it after service. If you have brought your car in to St. Paul Automotive for service before, our commitment to good customer service will not come as a surprise. During this uncertain time, we strive to strengthen our service for our customers, answer questions and provide great care for your vehicle to minimize the overall stress of the car repair experience. If you have any questions, call us at (651) 298-0956 and we will schedule a no contact car repair appointment.