Oil and Filter Change St Paul

If you take reasonably good car of your car, and are vigilant about changing the oil and filter as recommended, you can dramatically extend the life of your car. The simplicity and importance of regularly scheduled oil and filter changes cannot be overstated, yet many people still neglect this simple act of auto maintenance. On top of all that, the cost of changing the oil and replacing the filter is among the least expensive services offered by auto shops.

Importance of Routine Oil And Filter Changes

The advantages of bringing your car in to St. Paul Automotive for simple oil and filter changes are many. Unlike the big chain shops, we employ highly trained and qualified technicians. Our staff will not cut corners to finish your car just so they can get to the next in a long line of cars. Our staff takes their time with your vehicle and does the job right. We understand that a car is a big investment and that even minor service can cause financial stress. We offer coupons and our VIP customers receive a fourth oil change for free when they have purchased three at the full price. And our senior citizens are eligible to receive a free hug!

The larger point we are trying to make here is that, even though oil and filter changes are simple, we see them as opportunities to deepen our connections with our customers. We will not treat your oil and filter change as a throw-away service just because the process is simple and easy. Our staff understands that the simple oil and filter change is vital to the long-term mechanical integrity of your car. We also know that when you bring your car in to our shop, you are spending time on an essential service when you could be doing something else. We want you to know that we value your time as much as we value your car. We will try to lighten the mood of your visit, but we will never take the task of changing your oil and filter lightly.

Trusted and Experienced Auto Mechanics

St. Paul Auto offers a full a range of oils and filters to suit your car. And, as always, we guarantee the quality of our service. Give us a call at (651) 298-0956 to schedule a time to bring your car in for your next oil and filter change.