Performance Upgrade Shop St Paul

Owning a vehicle is one of the many joys in life, and at St. Paul Automotive, we understand the desire to make your vehicle your own – from the inside out. As local mechanics, we’ve been in the vehicle repair and maintenance for years, but we’ve also become specialists in performance upgrades. We’re your one-stop automotive shop for any vehicle upgrade you want to tackle, from engine upgrades to cosmetic upgrades, and we can ensure that when we’re done with your vehicle, you’ll have an investment you can take pride in. Our St. Paul, MN performance upgrade mechanics have the tools, expertise, and experience to take on any upgrade project you have, and we’ll work with you to be sure you’re getting only the best resources, the best service, and the most reliable maintenance for any upgrades we make. With us, you don’t have to compromise; you get the best of the best every time.

Upgrade Services We Provide

Whether you’ve decided exactly what performance upgrades you want to add to your vehicle or you’re still thinking over your options, our vehicle upgrade mechanics can help you make the tough decisions, walking you through your options and giving you a realistic estimate of costs, maintenance, and benefits of any upgrades you might choose. When all is said and done, we want to make sure you’re even more passionate about loving your vehicle, your vehicle runs as smoothly as possible, and that you can achieve any goal you have for your vehicle, whether it be speed, efficiency, or otherwise. In the past, some of our vehicle performance upgrade work has included:

• Super Chargers
• Camshaft Upgrades
• Differential Removal & Replacement
• Halo Lighting Installation
• Lambo Doors
• Engine Upgrades
• Exhaust Pipe Bending Fabrication

We offer these hi-performance upgrades, as well as others, for all types of cars and trucks, making sure that your performance upgrade options aren’t limited by our inability to service your vehicle. In addition to these services, we also offer special welding services for damaged pipes, flooring, hangers, suspension, or steering, which can be essential in preserving an otherwise beautifully running vehicle.
Experienced Performance Upgrade Mechanics
When you come to St. Paul Automotive, you can count on meeting a team of expert performance upgrade mechanics in St. Paul, Minnesota who have been in the business since 1980. With every year we’re around, we’re constantly making improvements to our services, just as we’ll make improvements to your vehicle – no matter the make or model. We work with two- and four-wheel drive vehicles, utilizing the best technology, upgrade packages, and performance enhancement techniques to be sure your vehicle can be anything you want to make it. To begin planning the performance upgrades that will bring your dream vehicle to life without the cost of a brand new ride, contact our mechanics today at (651) 298-0956.