Potholes and Your Vehicle

Living in St. Paul, MN, we’ve all hit our fair share of potholes. While everyone knows that hitting a pothole isn’t necessarily good for your vehicle, many people wonder what makes it so bad. At St. Paul Automotive, we’ve seen the worst of the worst pothole repercussions. We’ve also seen vehicles that weren’t bad initially but because they hit those potholes continuously, damage was done. If you live in St. Paul, Minnesota and your daily route has a considerable amount of pot- holes, you may want to consider changing your route or at least, come see our professionals here at St. Paul Automotive.

Why are Potholes Bad for your Vehicle?

First, we should address the more obvious damage being done when you hit a pothole: Your wheels. Think of your wheel as a big balloon with a really thick outer shell. Along this really thick balloon, you have your actual wheel and rim of the tire. Should your vehicle hit a large pothole, your thick-skinned balloon can respond in many different ways. It can bust, it can flatten, or it can completely blow out. All of these things will likely cause irreparable damage that will not be easily corrected. While ruining a tire is an unfortunate event, that’s not the only damage that hitting a pothole can cause. Remember that rim? Potholes have been known to ruin the rims of the tires along with the shocks and struts that allow for normal suspension. Ultimately, potholes can ruin your tires, rims, struts, shocks, the alignment of your vehicle and even your wheel bearings. If you suspect any damage after your vehicle has fallen victim to a pothole, it’s important to get it checked out at St. Paul Automotive.

Correcting your Pothole Vehicle Damage

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate predicament of pothole damage, all is not lost. At St. Paul Automotive, we can thoroughly inspect your vehicle for damages and repair any damage that the pothole may have caused. If your tire needs replacing, it is always better to only have to replace one versus all four. The sooner you take your vehicle in, the more we can help keep your costs low. We will raise your vehicle, checking for damage and ensure proper alignment. If anything is damaged, we will talk you through the process of what makes sense for both you and your vehicle.

For more information about potholes and your vehicle, give our St. Paul, MN shop a call today. Call St. Paul Automotive today at (651) 298-0956 to learn more.