Quality Auto Shop

When you buy a vehicle, you make it a point to buy it from a trusted source. Whether you’re buying a new or used vehicle from the dealership, a certified used vehicle dealer, or someone you can trust, you want to know that you’re getting the best vehicle for the best price. The same should be true when you’re looking for the right auto shop to maintain that vehicle. You should be looking for the most experienced, trusted, professional, and capable auto shop around; and the quality auto shop in St. Paul, MN you’re looking for is St. Paul Automotive. We’ve made ourselves the trusted one-stop shop for vehicle maintenance and repairs, helping vehicle owners find reliable service at a great price! We service all vehicle makes and models, and we even offer specialty customization services, which means you can feel comfortable leaving your vehicle with us, no matter how altered or unique it may be!

Thorough Vehicle Inspections and Full-Service Vehicle Maintenance

Starting your search for a quality auto shop should always begin by checking out a company’s reputation. Once you’ve determined that you’ve found a trustworthy and quality auto shop, you can start looking at their services. The best choice is the shop that has the most services and the best mechanics to make any inspections or repairs. That means that no matter what issues your vehicle may have, and no matter what inspections you may need, you’re covered. At St. Paul Automotive, we provide every vehicle maintenance, inspection and repair service you could need, and we have expert mechanics who have spent years working on vehicles of all types. We provide regular oil changes, tire rotations, and transmission fluid and filter replacements, and we’ll make following your vehicle’s maintenance schedule simple by helping you track your past maintenance and setting you up with a maintenance schedule that’s right for the age of your vehicle.

Certified Auto Repair Shop

As a certified auto repair shop, we offer a range of repair services, and we come highly recommended! We make brake repairs, electrical, alternator, and battery repairs, suspension and alignment repairs, radiator and cooling repairs, muffler and exhaust repairs, heating and air conditioning repairs, transmission and driveline repairs, and more! Whatever repairs your vehicle needs, we’re equipped with the tools and parts necessary every time, no matter the make, model, or special customizations your vehicle may have.

Experienced and Trusted Local Auto Shop

What sets one trusted auto shop apart from the rest? Having decades of experience and a stellar track record. At St. Paul Automotive, we’ve been providing local St. Paul automotive services since 1980 – that’s more than 25 years! If you’re looking for a quality auto shop in St. Paul, Minnesota, then give us a call today at (651) 298-0956 to find out how we can make owning and maintaining your vehicle simpler.