Second Opinion Mechanic St Paul, MN

St. Paul Automotive provides free second opinions for all types of auto repair. If you have taken your car to another mechanic and have either developed concerns about that shop’s assessment of your car’s issue or if you simply want to make sure the assessment is accurate, come see us. We have worked hard to establish our shop as a reliable and trustworthy source of automotive maintenance and repair. Our second opinions are based on honesty, experience, and automotive expertise. We have been in business since 1980 and have been successful as much because of the trust we have cultivated in our customers as our expertise in automotive matters.

Honest Second Opinions on Auto Repairs

One of our most important values is our commitment to being honest with our customers. Doing so encourages loyalty. And we offer second opinions so you can feel confident that your vehicle is receiving the treatment it needs from a reputable and reliable provider. When you have to spend money to have your car repaired, we want you to know that the expense is necessary and justified. You can count on us to give you only the most accurate information about your car’s problems. We believe that offering a reliable second opinion service will make St. Paul Auto the best choice for honest and reliable auto repair. A second opinion does no good if you cannot trust it.

Our crew completes all types of auto repairs, including work on brakes, engines, heating and air, suspension systems, radiator and cooling systems and much more. We believe that many things separate St. Paul Automotive from other auto shops. One of the most notable is our pledge to be honest and to earn the trust of our clients. This commitment is especially true when offering a second opinion. You can take your car to any repair shop and we understand that. When you choose to take your car to St. Paul Automotive, you will feel appreciated and welcomed. The way we express our appreciation to you is by treating you well, giving you our honest, dispassionate appraisal of your car’s issues, and delivering on our promises.

Trusted St. Paul Auto Shop

Lots of auto shops make such claims, but we back up our claims. St. Paul Automotive is different because we want our business to succeed by earning the reputation for being honest with our customers. Offering knowledgeable second opinions is an ideal way of sharing our values with you. And when you trust us, you may help our business by making us your first stop when your car needs service.

To schedule a second opinion, give us a call at (651) 298-0956 or stop by our auto shop on Randolph Ave in St. Paul.