Shocks and Strut Installation Shop

At St. Paul Automotive, we believe in being a well-rounded Minnesota repair shop. From maintenance and repairs, to rebuilding an entire system, our professionals here at St. Paul Automotive have you covered. It’s no surprise that vehicles here in St. Paul, MN are built to endure our weather and road conditions. A vital component to keeping your ride smooth and your vehicle safe is a properly running suspension system. St. Paul Automotive is proud to be a shock and strut installation shop that can handle all of your suspension system needs.

Shocks and Strut Installation Shop St Paul

As a Minnesota repair shop, we like to be prepared to help our customers at a moment’s notice. This is another reason why we pride ourselves in being a proficient shocks and strut installation shop. St. Paul, MN endures all sorts of weather conditions. Rain, snow, ice and sleet accrue all throughout the year and as that happens, our roads need more and more maintenance. Potholes pop up, natural hills are formed, and your vehicle bears the brunt of the work. For these reasons, shocks and struts are an important component to keep updated with your vehicle. When you hit a pothole or uneven part of the road, the shocks and struts on your vehicle will help to lessen the blow. It is made to move in a vertical acceleration that does not impact your vehicle but rather absorbs the shock so that you still have a smooth ride. It is a necessary component to any Minnesota vehicle out on the road.

Signs of a Faulty Shock or Strut

There are some signs to watch out for when your suspension system starts to go array. Does your steering wheel feel stiff or make unusual noises? Does your vehicle sway or lean to one side when changing lanes or making turns? Does it feel bouncier or shake more after hitting a bump in the road? If you are experiencing any of these signs, it’s time to let our shocks and strut installation shop take a look.

At St. Paul Automotive, our shocks and strut installation shop is especially trained in this area. We have experience to recognize that different causes of suspension failure and can repair the damage quickly. We check at the actual body of the shock and strut for leaky fluids, dents, or damages that may have occurred and then we quickly work to repair the problem.

If you are having symptoms or just want your shocks and struts checked, feel free to contact us today. Call St. Paul Automotive in St. Paul, MN today at (651) 298-0956.