Should I Invest In Winter Tires?

As St. Paul Automotive, we often get asked by our regular clients about winter tires and whether or not the individual should invest in these. If you’ve lived in St. Paul, MN for at least one winter, you know just how tough the driving conditions can be in this region of the country. Winter tires, also known as snow tires, are a great investment for individuals that need to utilize their vehicles regularly even when heavy snow is on the ground.

Factors To Consider Before Deciding On A Winter Tire

Vehicle owners should consider multiple factors when deciding on whether to invest in winter tires. The first factor is your location. In a place like St. Paul, MN, every winter brings heavy snow and ice accumulation, so it makes sense that investing in winter tires should be something that you seriously consider. It goes without saying that winter tires aren’t needed in all parts of the country, but they definitely are a good investment in this region of the country. Your lifestyle is another factor to consider when deciding on whether or not to invest in winter tires. If you rarely drive your vehicle during the winter months, then it may not be worth purchasing a set of winter tires. If you are required to go to work regardless of the weather, then investing in winter tires is a good idea.

Benefits of Winter Tires

In St. Paul, MN, the winter months bring cold temperatures, snow accumulation and ice. Even with a 4-wheel drive vehicle, standard tires struggle to perform in these types of winter conditions. Winter tires on the other hand, thrive. Winter tires provide drivers with that extra traction and grip so that your vehicle doesn’t slide in the wintery conditions. Simply put, winter tires provide you with the extra safety that standard tires cannot provide during the winter months. Additionally, utilizing winter tires helps your vehicle accelerate, brake and steer in these difficult driving conditions.

St. Paul Auto Is On Your Side

If you plan to drive regularly in snow, ice and very cold temperatures, investing in winter tires is a great decision. Having an auto shop on your side is another great decision to make. Winter tires will not guarantee that your vehicle will work effectively during tough conditions. So, it’s very important to have an auto shop that you can count on to handle any vehicle repairs that you may need. That auto repair shop is St. Paul Automotive.

To learn more about the benefits of winter tires, pick up the phone and call our team at St. Paul Automotive today at (651) 298-0956.