Snow Tires St Paul, Minnesota | Winter Tires

While Brad Paisley may enjoy a little mud on his tires, here in Minnesota, we say bring on the snow and no, it’s not lucky if you get stuck. At St. Paul Automotive, we recommend that anyone driving a vehicle during the winter months in Minnesota should make the investment in snow tires. After all, no one ever says getting stuck in the snow is good luck!

Making an Investment in Snow Tires

We understand here at St. Paul Automotive that snow tires are not an inexpensive addition to your vehicle. However, living in regret is not something we would want you to do. If you have a job that requires you to go to work no matter what the weather may be like, winter tires are an ideal choice for you and your vehicle. Likewise, if you are rarely driving your vehicle during the winter months, perhaps this doesn’t apply to you at all. For those that plan to use their vehicle in the snow, investing in snow tires is something that you should strongly consider.

Why Winter Tires?

As the temperature drops and the snow and ice start to cover the ground, our vehicles can have a hard time creating enough grip and traction on the roads. This can cause vehicles to slip or lose control. What happens when you lose control of your vehicle? Well, hopefully you can be like Carrie Underwood and let Jesus take the wheel. Snow tires helps prevent this problem. They provide extra traction and grip on the road so that your vehicle is less likely to slide and make you lose control. Being able to steer and brake when needed is essential and snow tires can make a big impact on those functions!

While we believe in snow tires and think that the investment in snow tires is worth every penny for those that need it, we also know that snow tires aren’t the total concern. There are no guarantees when driving in unfavorable conditions. At St. Paul Automotive, we are ready and geared up to get your vehicle completely ready for the winter. We perform preventative maintenance, ensuring that all of your fluids are topped off, your engine is running smoothly and your tires have enough tread on them to last through the winter months. For more information on snow tires and our winter work here at St. Paul Automotive, give us a call today at (651) 298-0956.