Spring Car Maintenance Services at St. Paul Automotive

Spring has sprung and pollen is in the air. This is the perfect indicator that all of your springtime chores need to be completed. At the top of that list, spring car maintenance at St. Paul Automotive should be checked off right away. No one wants that summer trip to end abruptly on the side of the road. Spring is the best time to take your vehicle in to make sure that everything is in tip top shape with your vehicle.

Importance of Maintenance

Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of things that you can waste money on. However, regular maintenance on your vehicle is not one of them. When you bring your car into St. Paul Automotive for its spring car maintenance, you are taking preventative care of your vehicle and undoubtedly increasing its longevity. Additionally, you may be preventing a major costly repair down the road. As we perform our maintenance, we are thoroughly inspecting your vehicle to make sure that there have been no damages or faulty areas since the last check-up. This rings especially true in the spring after all of our vehicles have endured the long, harsh winter weather.

Regular Maintenance Items

Spring car maintenance can vary per vehicle. Our experienced and certified technicians are acutely aware that no car should ever be treated the same. We base your spring car maintenance on your vehicle individually. Depending upon the make, model, age, and mileage, we may do one particular thing for one vehicle that we wouldn’t do for another. We also check your manufacturer’s recommendations and will let you know if more extensive maintenance should be completed. As far as our standard procedures, we will typically take your car through the following:

  • Spark Plugs – An inspection of your spark plugs and spark plug wires is essential with every maintenance evaluation. We watch for improper coloring and the wearing down of your wires. We also test the plugs to make sure that everything is in fact working properly.
  • Fuel Pump – Our staff will inspect the fuel pump to ensure that it’s functioning well.
  • Filter Review – Inspection of the fuel filter and air filter, checking for any clogs and dirt is critical. If needed, we can easily replace filters during our maintenance.
  • Clogs/Leaks – Additionally, we check for clogs and leaks in the PVC valves and make the necessary adjustments as we see it.
  • Much More – Nothing is off the table during spring car maintenance. For instance, we will also adjust the vehicle’s engine timing and idle as well.

For more information about spring car maintenance at St. Paul Automotive, give us a call today at (651) 298-0956.