St. Paul Auto Repair Services

The best option in the area for St. Paul Auto Repair Services is our team at St. Paul Automotive. We work hard to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of automotive technology. Our mechanics are highly trained professionals with years of experience and the ability to logically solve the problems that arise from the complex technology of modern automobiles.

Below are some of the auto repair services we offer:

  1. Brakes. Every system of your vehicle is important. However, few are more important or essential than your braking system. If your car moves at speed, your ability to slow down and stop safely requires brakes that are reliable and in good working order. St. Paul Automotive does brake jobs, which includes resurfacing to complete replacement. If you have noticed odd sounds, such as squealing, when applying your brakes, or needing increased distance to stop when and where you want, we can provide the repairs you need.
  2. Suspension and alignment. Your vehicle’s suspension system is another vital aspect of safe driving. If your suspension is compromised, maybe because of failing shocks or struts, you run the risk of not being in proper contact with the road. When this happens, brakes that are in perfect condition cannot help you stop if your car’s tires are not reliably in contact with the road. Proper alignment of your wheels is necessary to avoid improper wear and tear of your tires. We provide suspension and alignment services with exacting standards and measurements.
  3. Heating and air-conditioning. As you know, Minnesota gets hot in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. If your heating and air-conditioning system is not working well, your driving comfort will be severely affected.
  4. Transmission and driveline. St. Paul Automotive is somewhat unusual in that we offer transmission services. Many auto repair shops do not have the ability to service transmissions, but instead have to refer you to transmission specialists. If your vehicle is struggling to run properly, getting it to a shop only to find that they have to send you to a transmission specialist can be extremely frustrating. St. Paul Automotive will not inconvenience you in this way because we provide excellent transmission and driveline service.
  5. Battery replacement. If you have noticed that your car struggles to start, it could be a simple battery issue. We can test your battery and replace it if it is failing.

    Professional Auto Repair Shop in St. Paul

    If you have any questions or would like to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop, call St. Paul Automotive at (651) 298-0956.