Suspension Alignment MN

When people think of their suspension, they often group it with rap videos in the early 2000s. While some suspension systems can be made so you are ‘riding dirty,’ most suspension systems are created to help give you a smooth ride. Did that speed bump that came out of nowhere make you hit your head on the top of the car? Most likely not. Did the pothole swallow your car into its deep oblivion? Again, not likely. This is all because of your suspension. At St. Paul Automotive, we are your neighborhood auto mechanic that can take a look at your car and ensure that the suspension is working correctly. If you are looking for an auto shop in St. Paul for suspension and alignment issues, you should call us right away.

Your Suspension is Suspended

So how do you know that there is an issue with your suspension? One of the more common issues with suspension and alignment is the feeling like your vehicle isn’t driving right. When you aren’t feeling like you have complete control and your vehicle seems to sway a certain way when changing lanes or making turns, you may have a suspension issue. A more serious symptom comes when there is a serious lack of steering response and the steering wheel seems stiff or makes unusual noises. Lastly, if your car starts bouncing or shakes more than normal when you break or after you hit a road bump, it is again time to seek an auto mechanic for suspension problems.

Suspension Repair

Suspension issues should not be dealt with by a novice auto mechanic. It takes years of experience to recognize problems and suspension failure. At St. Paul Automotive, we understand suspension and alignment systems like no other. We will listen to your issues with the car and assess your system ourselves. We check for shock and strut body fluid leaks, we check for dented or damaged struts and shocks, and even broken and worn mounts or bushings. We want to diagnose the problem quickly so we can determine how to fix it, make the repairs, and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

If you are tired of having a rough ride on the streets of St. Paul, MN, it’s time to come in to St. Paul Automotive and check your suspension. Call our auto shop today at (651) 298-0956 and get your suspension working like it should!