Suspension Repair Shop St Paul MN

Let St. Paul Automotive, your local auto shop, welcome you to our family. We find value in our relationships and want to make sure that you return to the road in a vehicle that’s functioning properly and is safe to drive. We strive and continue to provide quality services to our St Paul MN community and the surrounding areas – a goal we’ve had for more than 35 years. We provide suspension maintenance and repairs for a wide variety of vehicles, so pull in or give us a call, and our auto repair team will you have your vehicle’s suspension working perfectly again in no time.

Diagnosing Suspension Problems

If you feel every rock and pebble between your driveway and destination, you should bring your car over to St. Paul Automotive for an inspection. The local mechanics at our St. Paul auto shop will use our years of experience to figure out just what is going on with your vehicle. General issues with suspension tend to cause more significant damage the longer the problem goes unnoticed or unfixed, often negatively impacting struts or shocks. Many drivers notice a stiffness in their steering wheel, feel the car leaning or swaying when making turns and changing lanes, or feel their car making a forward motion when attempting to break. If you notice any of these issues with your vehicle, don’t hesitate to give our St. Paul auto repair shop a call. Our staff will help you to schedule an appointment as soon as possible, and we’ll get your vehicle in proper working order without any suspension problems or any other residual damage.

St Paul Auto Suspension Repair

During an inspection by our auto mechanics, we can assess your vehicle for any problems and give you a suspension repair estimate before we begin work on your vehicle. Our trained and certified technicians are able to determine what parts have been weakened due to suspension failure, and we’ll be able to get the replacement parts needed for your vehicle’s make and model. Your suspension system allows your wheels to move freely over bumps and cracks, pebbles, and speed bumps while absorbing the shock, allowing for a smooth and comfortable drive, so it’s likely that you’ll feel something is amiss when there’s a problem with your suspension.

St Paul Auto Suspension Repair Guarantee

Our suspension repair is backed by our auto shop warranty. We back our repairs with a 24-month or 24,000-mile warranty on new parts and a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty on remanufactured parts. Our customers have peace of mind knowing that we are taking care of our family, their car, and providing exceptional service backed by an exceptional warranty. We’ll also provide you with detailed reports on any tests run on your vehicle so that you know the full extent of the suspension damage in your vehicle and whether we’ll need to make repairs beyond the suspension. To schedule your appointment for suspension maintenance or repairs, contact St. Paul Automotive today at (651) 298-0956, and visit our St. Paul auto repair shop.