Suspension System Repairs by Me

If you are looking for local suspension system repairs for your vehicle, look no further than St. Paul Automotive. For more than two decades under our current management, our staff has shown our commitment to vehicle safety and maintenance in St. Paul, MN. There is no more important or essential automobile system connected to safety than your vehicle’s suspension system.

Your suspension system essentially connects your car or truck to the road you drive on. Shock absorbers (or struts) are known for softening the impact of uneven road, potholes, and speed bumps, but they are far more important than simply providing a comfortable ride. If your vehicle did not have shocks or struts, every time you hit an imperfection in the road it could cause your vehicle’s wheels to lose contact with the road. Without the friction that maintains the connection between your tires and the road, you would find yourself bouncing all over the place. As shocks and struts get older, they lose performance. If yours are old and/or damaged, St. Paul Automotive can repair and replace them for you. Not only do new shocks or struts help your vehicle maintain its minimum safety standard, they do provide you with a more comfortable driving or riding experience.

Wheel Alignment Shop St Paul

Another important aspect of your vehicle’s suspension is wheel alignment. If your car’s wheels are out of alignment, you will notice that they tend to drift to one side while being driven. Because the loss of perfect alignment can worsen gradually over time, many drivers become used to the subtle changes. The more out of alignment your wheels become, the more effort is required to regain proper alignment. The mechanics at St. Paul Automotive are highly trained and detail-oriented, which means that we will return your vehicle to you with proper alignment so that it is safe for you and your passengers. This will also increase the life of your vehicle’s tires. Each slight turn of the steering wheel to correct the path of your vehicle creates unnecessary friction on your tires, which causes them to wear down more quickly.

Suspension System Repair Shop in St. Paul

Whether your vehicle’s suspension has become a safety issue for you and your passengers or if you have simply noticed that the driving experience has become less comfortable, St. Paul Automotive has the skill and expertise to return it to its best possible driving condition. Call us at (651) 298-0956 and we will be happy to schedule an appointment for you.