Suspension System Repairs

Are you looking for a suspension system repair mechanic in St. Paul, MN? Need someone to check your suspension system for damage? Want to know how you can tell when you need suspension repairs? At St. Paul Automotive, our auto repair team is here to help! We’re expert mechanics, diagnosing and repairing vehicle damage and system failures, including repairing the suspension system on vehicles of all makes and models. We know the ins and outs of the suspension system, including all of the elements that can be damaged or worn out, how to check for wear and tear, how to determine which element of your suspension is causing you grief, and completely repair any damage or wear that’s affecting your vehicle’s performance.

Signs That You Need Suspension Repairs

Problems with a suspension system can become serious if not tended to, so it’s important to watch out for signs of suspension problems and get your vehicle inspected if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms of suspension wear or damage:

• Unusual noises coming from your steering wheel
• A stiff steering wheel that feels more difficult to maneuver than usual
• Your vehicle “nose dives” when you brake – when your vehicle’s front end drops lower than it should
• Significant and noticeable changes to the comfort of your drive, including feeling the bumps and potholes on the road more than usual that can cause your vehicle to bounce and shake without a properly functioning suspension

If you experience any of these signs of suspension failure, get it checked as soon as possible. Our suspension system mechanics will check your vehicle’s suspension system from top to bottom, making sure we find the cause of your troubles and eliminate it completely so that you can drive home safely.

Expert Suspension Repair Mechanics

The suspension system is made up of several components, each of which serves its own purpose in making your vehicle run smoothly. Each of the elements in the suspension system will show different signs of wear, and damage to one part of the suspension could cause your entire suspension to malfunction or fail. We’ll look out for shock and strut fluid leas, dented or damaged shocks and struts, and broken or worn out mounts and bushings. Whatever issue you’re having with your suspension system, you can bet that our expert mechanics will have more than enough experience to find and fix any suspension problem quickly and affordably. If you’re ready to stop feeling every bump on the road, get your steering fixed, or make sure your vehicles is driving as smoothly as possible, contact our St. Paul, MN suspension repair mechanics today at 651-298-0956. When you call St. Paul Automotive, you can bet that you’ll be getting more than a simple repair service; you’ll be getting a team who works to keep you safe and comfortable every time you’re on the road!