Symptoms of Exhaust System Failure

It’s important for every vehicle owner – and everyone driving a vehicle – to know and understand the symptoms of exhaust system failure. For many drivers, vehicle problems and maintenance are left in the hands of a mechanic, but you can never know too much about what’s wrong with your vehicle – especially because you’ll want to have a good idea of what the repairs will entail, how long repairs might take, how serious the problem is, whether you can drive your vehicle to have it repaired, and other questions you might not think to ask if your vehicle breaks down or begins showing clear signs of exhaust system failure. At St. Paul Automotive, our St. Paul, MN auto repair crew can help you understand the symptoms of exhaust system failure so that you stand a better chance of diagnosing your vehicle’s problem and then solving the problem as quickly as possible.

The symptoms of Exhaust system failure can include:

• Vibrating vehicle
If you begin to feel your vehicle vibrating while driving, and even while idling, it could be a sign of exhaust system failure. You’ll need to get your exhaust system checked to be sure there’s nothing clogging the exhaust system before we can determine that your exhaust system really is failing.
• Rumbling sound from the exhaust pipe or muffler
A rumbling sound that seems to be coming from the exhaust pipe or muffler is another tell-tale sign of exhaust system failure and can often be accompanied by the vibrating feeling you can feel when there’s something wrong with your vehicle’s exhaust. This symptom alone – without the vibrating sensation – is still enough to warrant a checkup.
• Lower fuel efficiency
Although there can be several causes for lower fuel efficiency, one cause is exhaust system failure. Because your exhaust system is what keeps your vehicle’s engine running efficiently, when it’s failing, your vehicle will perform poorer than it should, and you may notice a decrease in fuel efficiency.
• Exhaust leak
An exhaust leak is a sure sign that your exhaust system is failing, so if you notice an exhaust leak, take stock of how bad the leak is so that you know how extensive the damage may be.
Catalytic Converter Failure Symptoms
For vehicles with a catalytic converter, exhaust system failure can be caused by an issue with the catalytic converter. If your exhaust system failure is in fact being caused by – or worsened by – a problem with the catalytic converter, look out for the following symptoms:
• Metallic rattling sounds from the exhaust pipe
When you have a catalytic converter problem that’s causing exhaust system failure, you may hear a metallic rattling sound coming from the exhaust pipe, particularly when idling.
• Rotten egg smell

If you smell a rotten egg smell coming from your vehicle, it may be a sign that there’s something wrong with the catalytic converter, and therefore your exhaust system. Don’t ignore the smell – get it checked as soon as possible.
If you see, hear, feel, or smell any of these symptoms of exhaust system failure, don’t hesitate to contact St. Paul Automotive’s St. Paul, Minnesota mechanics today at 651-298-0956.