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Heater Fan or Heater Core Issues

When you turn on the heat in your vehicle, does it barely come out of the vents? If increasing the fan speed doesn’t seem to strengthen the heat entering your vehicle, then you may be dealing with heater fan or heater core issues. This can be especially stressful living in the St. Paul, MN area because of the cold temperatures that hit this region. The good news is that our team at St. Paul Automotive is here to handle your heater fan or heater core issues in a timely manner. Continue reading

Heater Core Replacement

When you need a repair, St. Paul Automotive is here to service your vehicle, for a fair price and in a timely manner. At our auto repair shop located in St. Paul, Minnesota we have been proudly serving our community since 1980. We have built a large community around the Twin Cities thanks to our hard work and our returning customers. All our technicians are educated to provide the services you need and we work with both domestic and import makes and models. Continue reading