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Automotive Radiator Repair St. Paul

The professional mechanics of St. Paul Automotive, located in St. Paul, MN, can help you regain the assurance that you can go about your daily driving life and not have to worry about your car overheating. Most of us rely on our vehicles to get us to and from work, to get our kids to their after school commitments. Most of us have extremely busy lives, which can sometimes mean that we have no choice but to set aside some of the basic aspects of our lives. When we neglect the maintenance of our cars and trucks, we run the risk of not only allowing the problems to become more complicated, but breaking down in places we would rather not break down. Continue reading

Auto HVAC Repair St. Paul 

Whether it’s your heating or AC system, when something goes wrong with your vehicle’s HVAC system, it almost always makes for severely uncomfortable car rides. While you might contemplate rolling your windows down to stay cool this summer without your air conditioning or bundling up in the winter when your heating system fails, you should rethink these decisions and consider simply having your vehicle’s HVAC ventilation system repaired instead. At St. Paul Automotive, we maintain and repair vehicles every day for drivers in the St. Paul, Minnesota area, and we have what it takes to make heating and cooling repairs that will leave your vehicle as warm or cold as you’d like. You won’t even have to come back to get that “strange noise” checked out because we’ll make sure your vehicle is in better shape before it leaves our shop. Continue reading