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Local Auto Repair Shop

Let’s be honest, we have all shopped at a chain before. Chain restaurants, chain clothing stores, chain hardware stores, there is a chain on pretty much every single corner. Now don’t get us wrong, some chains are good. There is a great benefit in buying a shirt half price because it’s not selling halfway across the country. However, when you decide to go to a chain for a specific service, you will likely be losing your money. St. Paul Automotive is your local auto repair shop that has been trusted for over 35 years. Repairing and servicing St. Paul, South St. Paul and East St. Paul since 1980, we are your number one choice for automotive repair in the area. Continue reading

Car Battery Replacement St. Paul

That moment when you go to crank your car and nothing happens…#fail. If you’ve been driving for at least five years, maybe even less, then you know exactly what we are talking about. That’s right, your battery is D.E.A.D, dead. Unfortunately, just like everything else we can’t control in the world, sometimes car batteries just die. Especially if you have little ones, a light will be cut on and never cut off, or maybe you ran the radio just a little too long while you were cleaning out your car, or maybe you’ve just had the battery for years. No matter what the reasons are, the ultimate problem needs to be solved. At St. Paul Automotive, we are a local auto mechanic shop that solves your problem quickly and easily. When you need a battery replacement in St. Paul, we deliver with bells on. Continue reading