The Importance Of Four-Wheel Alignment

Getting your wheels properly aligned can save you money, enhance handling, and make your vehicle safer and faster. Four-wheel alignment is pretty much what it sounds like – making sure all four wheels are pointed in the right direction. Your car comes with a specific factory set-up and specifications. Overtime, accidents, normal wear, and tear, as well as road conditions, including potholes and curbs, can take their toll on your car’s steering and suspension system, and disrupt the alignment settings.

Identifying When Your Vehicle Tires Are Out Of Alignment

When your alignment is off, your tires are not pointing in the same direction. This will affect four things – steering, suspension, safety, and the durability of tires. Poor wheel alignment affects your vehicle in several ways making it unsafe to drive. It causes your vehicle to pull to one side or the other, and driving becomes difficult because you are constantly fighting with your vehicle to keep straight. It can cause your tires to wear out unevenly and quicker than usual. It affects your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, and over time, poor alignment can also damage other components and affect your safety.

How Often Does My Vehicle Need To Be Aligned?

Vehicle manufacturers have various recommendations for how often your car needs a wheel alignment. Typically, once a year to every two years is usually recommended depending on your driving habits. A wheel alignment sets the caster, camber, and toe for the front wheels on your car. An alignment service is generally included when you get new tires or bring your vehicle in for this scheduled service. However, an alignment may be necessary if your tires get out of alignment due to hitting potholes, speed bumps, or road debris.

Benefits of regular wheel alignments:

● Increased fuel efficiency (gas mileage)
● Decreased tire wear
● Increased tire mileage (allowing them to last longer)
● Easier to drive/handle
● Decreased wear and tear on other suspension parts

ASE-Certified Mechanics St. Paul

Regular wheel alignment is beneficial for your car. Not only does having the wheels aligned properly save you money on gas, repairs, and tires, but it also gives you the peace of mind knowing you will be safe on the road. At St. Paul Automotive, our repairs are performed by highly trained, ASE-certified technicians. You can be assured that repairs and maintenance are performed the right way the first time! St. Paul Automotive is your go-to shop for auto repair and tires in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of MN. Schedule your appointment online today!