Tie Rod End Replacement Services in St Paul MN

St. Paul Automotive offers safe and affordable Tie Rod End Replacement Services in St. Paul, MN. Tie rod ends are attached to the end of the tie rods that connect the wheels of your car to the car’s steering and suspension systems. Tie rod ends are subject to metal fatigue over time, which can ultimately cause them to fail. Tie rod ends are essential to the safe operation of your vehicle allowing you to steer your car in the direction you wish to go. A tie rod in need of replacement can prevent your car from traveling in a straight line, causing you to have to constantly adjust your steering in order to maintain control of the vehicle.

Signs Your Tie Rod Ends Need to be Replaced

For people without automotive training or expertise, it may not be possible to identify that you have a tie rod that is failing and needs to be replaced. Our auto mechanics can help diagnose a tie rod end problem and repair your vehicle so that you are confident in your vehicle’s safety. Here are 3 Common signs that you may need to service your tie rod ends:

  1. You experience a pulling from your car’s front end. If the connection between a tie rod end and the suspension and steering systems is compromised, you may feel a pulling to the right or left as you drive. This is probably different from a vehicle in need of a wheel alignment, which is more likely to feel like a gradual drifting to one side. A faulty tie rod end feels less stable and is likely to make you feel like you are constantly adjusting your steering back and forth to maintain a straight line.
  2. One or more tires feel loose. This feeling is likely caused by the loss of stability in your suspension system, which, as stated above, is connected to your steering system. A bad tie rod end is connected ineffectively to the steering and suspension, and that can cause a feeling of looseness in one or more of your wheels.
  3. Clunking when you hit a bit or pothole. When you hit a bad enough bump or pothole, you will notice the impact, even if you have a brand new car with a perfect suspension system. If your tie rod end needs to be replaced, normal bumps and small potholes will create a kind of clunking upon impact.

Experienced St. Paul Auto Mechanic

Any time you lose stability in your vehicle, your safety is at risk and your car should be checked out. St. Paul Automotive is happy to help you identify the specific issue with your tie rod ends. Call us at (651) 298-0956 to schedule an appointment.