Timely Suspension And Alignment Repair

With the cold weather months almost here, most Minnesota drivers begin to prepare for the beating their vehicles take on the winter worn roads of our beloved state. It is not without good reason that we think this way. The swings of temperature cause the road surfaces we drive on to expand and contract. Whether the road is constructed of tarmac or concrete, neither has enough elasticity to remain smooth. When the road surface is exposed to extreme temperatures, expansion and contraction can lead to cracks, and cracks can lead to small holes, and small holes only become bigger holes. Then when snow, freezing rain, ice, and sleet are added to the mix, the speed with which tiny cracks become large potholes only increases. Bad roads can result in vehicle suspension and alignment issues.

Importance Of Suspension And Alignment Maintenance

St. Paul Automotive provides suspension and alignment services that will keep your vehicle from becoming one of the many long-term casualties of Minnesota’s rough roads. Even if we were fortunate enough to drive on smooth surfaces all the time, time itself would eventually cause your vehicle’s wheel alignment to deteriorate. If you are fortunate enough for your vehicle’s alignment to shift gradually, the shift may be impossible to notice. For too many people, though, the shift is more sudden, and often the result of hitting one of the thousands of unavoidable potholes on our roadways.

Fixing misaligned wheels is a careful process, but unless the issue is allowed to persist to the point that tires wear unevenly, extensive damage is not likely to be done to your vehicle. In other words, if you bring your vehicle in soon after recognizing that it is pulling to the right or left, we should be able to fix it without much of a problem. Suspension issues can be a different matter.

Hitting a bad pothole can not only cause your vehicle to lose its alignment, but it can also damage the mechanisms that keep your vehicle safely connected to the road. Striking a pothole or other impediment in the road can damage shocks and/or struts, which are designed to absorb such forces. Even the best shocks and struts have their limitations, and some of our roadway’s potholes do their best to win those challenges.

Minnesota Auto Shop Specializing In Suspension And Alignment

If you have any doubt about the state of your suspension system, or if you simply need a four-wheel alignment, St. Paul Automotive can provide the service that keeps your car on the road, safely and for the long haul. Call us at (651) 298-0956 to schedule service with us.