Tips for Winter Driving

If you’ve lived in Minnesota all your life you likely understand the harsh winters that we often face. In the winter, we often think about higher power bills, staying warm with extra blankets, and dressing in layers, but we often forget to think about the proper maintenance of our cars. At St. Paul Automotive, we understand that harsh Minnesota winters aren’t just hard on us, but also our cars as well. In this blog, we’re offering a number of tips to ensure your car is taken care of this year.

Tips to Stay Safe While Driving This Winter

• Keep your tires properly inflated.
• Never run your car in an enclosed area such as a garage.
• Avoid driving when you’re tired.
• Keep your gas tank at least half full.
• Avoid using cruise control on slippery roads.
• Always wear your seat belt.
• Ensure you always have a cell phone in case of emergency.
• Pack blankets, gloves, hats, food, water and any medication you take if you’re planning to travel long
distances during the winter.

Tips When Driving in the Snow

Even if you’ve been driving in the snow for many years it never hurts to brush up on some of the most common snow driving tips.

• Drive slowly – When you’re driving on snow it takes longer to accelerate, brake and stop. Be sure that you’re giving yourself ample time to get where you need to go because driving anywhere in the snow takes much more time than on dry pavement.
• Beware of hills – Avoid accelerating when going up hills as it can cause your wheels to begin to slip. It’s best to get some momentum going on a flat surface before attempting to climb a hill.
• Ensure your car is properly maintained – It’s critical that your car is functioning properly prior to driving in the snow. Have a local car repair shop like St. Paul Automotive give your vehicle a once over before you drive in the snow. This way you’ll be sure that your car is working properly before you decide to brave the elements.

Call St. Paul Automotive for All Your Auto Repair Needs

At St. Paul Automotive, we have over 35 years of experience helping residents in St. Paul and the surrounding areas with all their auto repairs and auto maintenance needs. Because we’re a local family owned business, we’re well versed in the extremes of winters in Minnesota. We’d be happy to get your car ready for whatever this winter decides to throw at it! Give us a call today at 651-298-0956 to schedule an appointment with one of our ASE certified technicians.