Tire Replacement Specialists in St. Paul, MN

St. Paul, MN is one area that you don’t want to drive on bald, worn down tires. Especially during the winter months, driving on worn down tires can put you and your passengers in danger. So, if your tires look bald, don’t risk it. Your life is far more valuable than the amount of money it will cost to replace your tires, so take action now. At St. Paul Automotive, our tire replacement specialists are proud to offer affordable replacement tires for all vehicle brands and models.

Evaluating Your Existing Tires

You may be wondering how to know when it is time to replace your existing tires. Well, the first obvious way to know is if the main tread on your tires is worn down. If you can no longer see the tread of your tire, it’s time to act quickly. Other clients come to us stating that they are having to add air into their tires every few days which is a key sign that you’ve got a leak. You may also need to replace your tires if there is uneven tread wear across the four tires. Additionally, cracking or cuts in the sidewall of your tire and excessive vibration when driving are signs that it may be time for some new tires.

Minnesota Strong Tires

Since we are based in St. Paul, MN, it should come as no surprise that the tires we offer or build to handle the Minnesota weather throughout the year. Whether you find yourself in the middle of a heavy rainstorm or you are caught in a snow or ice storm, we’ve got the tires that will keep you and your passengers safe. Our tires have what it takes to challenge these storms throughout the year, which gives our clients peace of mind when driving their vehicle.

Complimentary Tire Rotations With a Tire Purchase

Our tire replacement professionals understand that new tires are a large investment. Purchasing your new tires and getting them installed is extremely critical but making sure that you maintain them in the future is also very important. To help make sure that you properly maintain your new purchased tires from our shop, we offer free, complimentary tire rotations with your new tires purchase. Ideally, tires should be rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles so that you can maximize their life expectancy. With our free tire rotations, you have no excuse! Just bring your vehicle in and we’ll happily rotate your tires at no charge.

At St. Paul Automotive, our tire replacement specialists in St. Paul, MN are here to keep you and your passengers safe when driving your vehicle. To learn more about our Minnesota tough tire replacement options give us a call today at (651) 298-0956.