Tire Rotation Services & Tire Repair in St. Paul

St. Paul Automotive offers tire rotation services and tire repairs in St. Paul that is fast and affordable. The automobile tire is one of the simplest and most essential parts of your vehicle. Because most tires last for tens of thousands of miles, it is easy for us to become used to the way they feel, even as they lose tread, grip, and effectiveness. This happens even to those of us who are vigilant about tire maintenance. Even when we have our tires rotated after the recommended mileage, we are not likely to notice the difference in handling because the loss of tread is so gradual that we simply get used to it.

Importance of Rotating Your Vehicle’s Tires

More complicated problems arise when you do not rotate your tires on the recommended rotation schedule. You are still likely to not notice the diminishing effectiveness of your tires, and to make matters worse, not rotating them on a regular schedule can cause the tires that carry more of your vehicle’s load (usually the front tires) to wear much faster than those that carry less of the load. Automobiles are better balanced than ever before, but there is no way to ensure that all tires will wear evenly because of a number of variables, including how much you carry in your vehicle, whether it is front-wheel or rear-wheel drive, consistent air-pressure in each tire, and others. But having your tires rotated goes a long way toward helping them wear evenly, and when all tires wear evenly, they will almost always last longer. And St. Paul Automotive provides a tire rotation service to extend the life of your tires.

Tire Repair Services in St. Paul

Because rotating your tires can extend their utility, that also means that your tires are less susceptible to blow-outs. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have your tires rotated. Even brand new tires can be damaged by objects in the road. It is common for customers to bring their cars in to our auto shop after finding that they have ridden over a nail, a screw, or some other sharp object that has pierced the tread of a tire. In these cases, we strongly recommend bringing your car in so that we can remove the object and plug the hole that it caused. Our tire repair service is simple, fast, affordable and effective. If you find a nail in a tire, do not remove it yourself—the nail can actually provide its own temporary seal, despite the fact that it is causing your tire to lose air. Removing the nail will allow air to escape faster. And bringing your car in to St. Paul Automotive will fix the problem permanently.

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