Tire Shop St. Paul

Your car can only go as far as your tires take it. If you have a commute everyday to and from work, the health of your tires is very important. If you were to run over a nail in St. Paul, MN, do you have a trusted auto mechanic that you would call? If not, our team at St. Paul Automotive would love to be that reliable auto shop for you! You can count on us for all of your tire needs.

Family Atmosphere

Over the last 35 years, many individuals in St. Paul, MN have become our family. We have a passion for serving this great community in any way possible when it comes to auto repairs and services. Over the years, we have developed a strong reputation for excellent work, great customer service and reliability.

Importance of Tire Rotations

Individuals don’t realize how important their tires are until they get a flat on the side of the highway. Especially in St. Paul, MN, it is important for your tires to be in good shape so that you can safely maneuver through snow, rain, etc. Having your tires rotated regularly will help ensure that one section of your tire doesn’t get overly worn down. Additionally, our auto mechanics can evaluate your tire thoroughly as the rotation occurs. Regular tire rotation has a direct impact on the longevity of your tires. Purchasing a new set of tires is never fun for the bank account, so take the extra steps to ensure that you can keep them around for a long time. Rotating your tires regularly is not a requirement, but it is a good habit to practice. Consider having your tires rotated every oil change, or every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. If you purchase your tires at our St. Paul, MN auto shop, you’ll get free tire rotations for the life of your tires! Now there’s no excuse for not rotating your tires regularly.

If your are looking for a trustworthy auto shop in St. Paul, MN who does tire replacement and patching, look no further than our auto mechanics at St. Paul Automotive. While you wait, enjoy our complimentary Wi-Fi service. Give us a call today at (651) 298-0956 to set up an appointment to replace or repair your existing tires. We’re just a phone call away when you need a new set of new tires or when you run over that nail on the highway!