Top Minnesota Auto Repair Shop

When you say goodbye to your family members each morning, you likely have their safety in mind. Whether you say it or not, as much as you want them to have a good day, you want them to make it home safely. A drive to work or school, a lunch meeting, errands take us out on the roads during the day and we take for granted that our vehicle will keep us safe. The staff at St. Paul Automotive views it as our job to NOT take this for granted. We work hard to ensure that every car we service is operating safely when we hand the keys back to our customer. We feel this is our responsibility to you and your family.

Comprehensive Auto Maintenance And Repair In St Paul MN

We take our job very seriously. We want you to be able to assume that your vehicle is in good working order if it has been serviced at our auto shop. That is the best possible indicator of our success. We can complete all types of auto maintenance and repair – including brake service and repair, engine service and repair, tire rotation and wheel alignment, oil changes and battery replacement, factory scheduled maintenance, heat and AC repair, steering and suspension service and more. We complete basic maintenance and repairs to very complicated ones. Our staff are problem solvers and will work to get your car back out on the road ASAP.

Each member of our staff is committed to honesty, respect of all customers, high quality work, excellent customer service, and clear communication. When we complete an assessment of your vehicle, we will explain what we find to you so that you have a say in the next steps. We are happy to provide recommendations, of course, but view this process as a true partnership. You ultimately have the final decision about any maintenance decision or repair.

Local Auto Shop Focused On Safety And Building Trust

As a small, local business, we view our customers as a part of our family. We want you to drive out of our shop in a vehicle that is safe. In addition, we believe that you deserve to be charged a competitive and affordable price for our services. It is this philosophy that has helped us establish ourselves as a leading auto repair business in St. Paul, Minnesota. If you are concerned about the safety of one of your vehicles, give us a call at 651-298-0956 to schedule an appointment.