Transmission Maintenance And Repair

There is no question that automobiles, even those produced by manufacturers that are not known for longevity, last longer and are more reliable than cars made 50-70 years ago. No matter what company manufactures your car, your vehicle is a complex feat of engineering that will require general maintenance over time. Arguably the most important system is the transmission because, without a well-functioning transmission, the power generated by the engine will not reach the wheels. If no power reaches your vehicle’s wheels, your vehicle will not move. St. Paul Automotive is a full-service auto repair shop that offers maintenance and repair of automobile transmissions. Not all auto repairs shops can make you this promise.

Transmission Services In St Paul

Transmission maintenance and repair is even more complex than the other systems in an automobile. So, transmission maintenance and repair require a higher degree of understanding, training, and expertise. Most auto repair shops can get by without having to expand their knowledge base to include transmission repair. But St. Paul Automotive has never wanted to just get by. We take pride in always working to advance our knowledge of the automobile. To reject the idea of servicing transmissions would be like a veterinarian deciding to treat all domestic pets, except for dogs.

In fairness, the transmission does require more specific knowledge than most other aspects of auto repair, so the dog comparison is not 100 percent accurate. But our statement that an auto repair service that strives for continued advancement in excellence is 100 percent accurate. St. Paul Automotive is 100 percent committed to excellent service, and there is not one single repair category that we would shy away from, as so many other auto repair shops shy away from transmission repair. We can complete general maintenance, regular transmission fluid changes, as well as driveline component repair.

Auto Repair Shop In St Paul That Works On Transmissions

Newer vehicles should not develop transmission issues, but of course, there are exceptions. Most vehicles that show signs of transmission issues, or transmission failure, have many tens of thousands of miles on them. Transmissions that develop problems tend to have spent many years being tested and pushed. If yours is showing signs of trouble with the transmission, bring it to us and we will do all we can to get it back to working order. Call us at (651) 298-0956 to schedule an appointment if you are concerned about your vehicle’s transmission.