Transmission Repairs St Paul

In almost every movie where a car mysteriously breaks down and the “knowledgeable” car expert pops the hood and immediately says, “It’s gotta be the transmission,” our auto repair team always gets a good laugh. Why? Well, it’s generally because there are lots of other signs that point to your transmission before your car breaks down. So if a car expert was in the car, don’t you think he or she would recommend to get it checked before your car was on the side of the road? If you are looking for an auto mechanic in St. Paul, MN that will repair your transmission, no matter what type of shape it’s in, St. Paul Automotive is your ideal auto shop.

Signs Your Car Needs a Transmission Repair

The first obvious sign of transmission failure tends to be a small one: leaking fluid. It is a simple find as all you need to do is look under your car. Transmission fluid is bright red, clear, and offers a sweet aroma. So if it’s under the car or if you smell something burnt when you pop the hood, it could be your transmission. Gears slipping and a dragging clutch can also be a sign that you may have transmission issues. Not being able to change gears, no matter if it’s an automatic or manual, can be a real issue and will send you straight to an auto shop. So will the grinding or shaking feeling as you shift. The check engine light is another obvious sign – go get it checked! Lastly, a car’s lack of response when you try to drive it, particularly in park or drive, can be a major sign that you need a transmission repair.

Your Neighborhood Auto Mechanic

When you take your car to our auto shop, it’s like you are becoming a part of the family. We provide service that you can trust. We work on all makes and models, repairing transmissions for everyone that needs it. We will offer you a written estimate and never start a job without your approval. In general, we recommend changing your transmission fluid every 2 to 3 years or every 24,000-36,000 miles. This helps keep the longevity of your car and its transmission alive.

If you think something is wrong with your transmission, let our experts at St Paul Automotive take a look. If you live in St Paul, MN and are in need of transmission repair, call us today at (651) 298-0956.