Transmission Services St Paul

If you’re looking for St. Paul transmission services, look no further than your local auto shop: St. Paul Automotive. We perform a range of services, repairs, and upgrades, including transmission services. We understand the importance of building trust and having a relationship with our client, and we strive to successfully ensure that all of our customers are pleased with our highly skilled and informed auto mechanics. We won’t just repair your vehicle; we’ll walk you through our findings and will not perform any repairs unless we get the go ahead from you. Our motto and mandate is: “Respect for you and your car.”

Transmission Repair and Maintenance

It is usually recommended that your transmission fluid and filter should be changed every 2 to 3 years, or 24,000 to 36,000 miles. Don’t hesitate to drive in and speak with an auto mechanic or call if seeking transmission services at our St. Paul auto shop. We will work to find an affordable solution for your transmission and maintenance issues. Without a reliable driveline, your vehicle is at risk of breaking down, leaving you stranded or without a functioning vehicle. If you notice a burnt smell, a low fluid level, or discolored fluid coming for your vehicle, you should give us a call at St. Paul Automotive immediately to schedule a time to service your car or truck to keep it on the road.

Transmission Repairs for All Vehicles

Our auto shop provides and specializes in driveline repair and maintenance services for two-wheel, four-wheel, and all-wheel drive vehicle types. We offer a written estimate to each of our clients prior to working on your vehicle, and we won’t start the work until you give us the “okay!” If we discover that you need transmission or driveline repairs during a routine inspection, we will walk you through the specifics of the issues and outline the appropriate steps that you can take so that you can make an educated decision about future repair services.

St Paul Auto Transmission Services Guarantee

Our motto is seen in our warranty and our commitment to our customers. We back our repairs, including our transmission services, with a 24-month and 24,000-mile warranty on new parts and a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty on remanufactured parts. Our customers have peace of mind knowing that our auto mechanics are taking care of them and their car, and providing service backed by a warranty. We also provide you with detailed reports on any diagnoses or tests run on your vehicle, highlighting potential weaknesses and services that we can provide if approved by you. If you’re in need of St. Paul, Minnesota transmission repairs or maintenance, contact St. Paul Automotive today at (651) 298-0956, and find out how we can help your vehicle run more smoothly.