Transmission Shop St Paul

It’s that moment in the movies when the main character kicks the car and the randomly knowledgeable sidekick looks under the hood and states “your transmission is blown.” It is in this moment that we sigh and think about how they should have just come to St. Paul Automotive. Serving St. Paul, MN and the surrounding areas, we are your one stop shop for all things transmission related. If you are in need of automobile services, we have got you covered.

What is the Transmission?

In order for your car to work at all, you must have a well functioning transmission. The transmission is responsible for your gears. It allows the car to speed up, slow down, and everything in between. There are different types of transmissions, but they are most commonly termed as “automatic” or “stick shift.” All in all, no matter what type of transmission you have, the transmission will transmit the power developed from your engine into the driving wheels. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep it in good shape.

Driveline Repairs

Driveline components are the parts that allow the power of the transmission to reach the actual wheels – driveshafts, axles, joints, differentials, and of course, the wheels. At St. Paul Automotive, we are a full service automobile repair shop that can repair it all. We perform both maintenance and repairs for these parts and can handle two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive.

Transmission Repair

There are some major signs that will alert you that your vehicle probably needs to be checked. Low fluid level, discoloration or a burnt toast smell from your car or truck, or even just your check engine light are all signs that you need to bring your vehicle into us right away. Ideally, experts recommend you change the fluid every 2 to 3 years or 24,000 to 36,000 miles. This is how you ultimately prevent transmission breaks in the first place.

St. Paul Automotive has been serving the St. Paul, MN area for over 35 years. We are a leader in quality auto repairs and we do this by treating every customer that comes through our doors like family. We want your maintenance and repairs to be safe, affordable, and last a long time. Every job we do is guaranteed to be top service. To schedule your appointment or if you need us to take a look at your transmission right away, give St. Paul Automotive a call today at (651) 298-0956.