Trusted Brake Repairs in St. Paul, MN

Was that a deer that quickly crossed the road causing you to slam on your vehicle brakes? Did the car in front of you suddenly slow down, requiring you to pump the brakes? In either situation, our team at St. Paul Automotive hopes that your brake system is in good shape, enabling you to stop quickly. If you have noticed that your vehicle doesn’t seem to stop as well as it used to, it’s time to stop by St. Paul Automotive in the near future. We offer trusted brake repair services to members of the St. Paul, MN community and beyond and have more than 40 years of brake repair experience.

Comprehensive Brake Inspection

As a vehicle owner, you are not expected to know the ins and outs of your brake system. Unless you regularly work on vehicles, your first step towards safer and stronger brakes is to set up a comprehensive brake inspection with our dedicated mechanics. During this evaluation, our vehicle technicians will evaluate the health of your brakes, identify any damage that needs to be addressed and provide you with fair and affordable brake repair pricing. Rather than neglecting your brakes, set up a comprehensive brake inspection so that we can repair the brake damage before it gets any worse.

Brake Replacement Services

In some cases, the brakes on a vehicle may be in too bad of shape to fix. So, rather than focus on repairing these worn down brakes, our staff can handle your brake replacement needs as well. Our full brake replacement includes every part of the brakes. There’s no corners cut by our crew. We have worked with all of the various vehicle brands and models, so rest assured your brake replacement services will be completed with extreme precision. Some of the brake work we complete when replacing the brake system includes the following:

● Disc Brakes
● Drum Brakes
● Brake Pedals
● Hydraulic Brake Fluid
● Brake Master Cylinders
● Electronic Anti-Lock Brake Sensors
● Power Brake Boosters

There is no sense in putting yourself or any vehicle passengers in danger any longer because of your poorly functioning brakes. Don’t ignore the signs of faulty brakes. If you are in the St. Paul, MN area and feel like it’s time to get your vehicle’s brake system inspected, reach out to St. Paul Automotive today! To learn more about our trusted brake repairs and comprehensive brake inspection, give us a call today at (651) 298-0956.