Trusted Minnesota Auto Repair Shop

St. Paul Automotive is a family-run business that serves the automotive needs of many Minnesota communities. Our roots in St. Paul run deep. But the only way a business succeeds—even with roots that grow deep in the community—is by providing excellent service in its area of expertise. In our case, we have succeeded because of that combination of commitment to our community and the unmatched expertise in automotive repair services. Our technicians are honest, informative, professional, experienced and highly knowledgeable.

Minnesota Auto Shop Focused on a Positive Customer Experience

Auto repair is important and sometimes taken for granted. Knowledge of auto mechanics is not something most people have the time or the need to master. As a result, those who have these skills can create opportunities to take advantage of customers. St. Paul Automotive, however, is committed to doing more than our fair share of the work to develop real and abiding trust with our customers. Our customers are not simply sources of revenue. Our customers are people we know, and they trust us to keep in good working order one of the most important investments in their lives: their vehicles. St. Paul Automotive has been successful because we have worked hard to build the two most important pillars of our business: our ability to professionally repair automobiles and our ability to earn your trust and keep your business.

The range of repairs we can perform has grown over the years, as you would expect, from experience and the desire to learn. We have made ourselves knowledgeable about old cars and new, old technology and new. As a result, we continue to renew the trust that we have established with customers, old and new. We perform everything from scheduled maintenance on vehicles to more elaborate repairs including transmission work. Not all auto repair shops are able to offer transmission repairs.

Local Auto Repair Shop in St. Paul

If you bring your vehicle in for a simple oil and filter change, a battery change, or if you bring your vehicle in because you know there is something wrong with it but can’t figure it out, you should be able to expect that your repair service will treat you with respect in the process of identifying the cause and carrying out the repairs. Call St. Paul Automotive at (651) 298-0956 to schedule a time to bring your car in or to ask any questions you may have.