Tune Ups For Classic Cars

Summer and fall are times of year when we tend to see lovers of classic cars out on the road. With the promise of better weather, classic car owners peel off the canvas covers that keep their prized possessions protected from oxidation and corrosion during the cold weather months and indulge their desire to ride around with the tops down, the windows open, and their minds placed in the nostalgia for a time when engines were bigger, and style dominated design. But, just as those times passed and gave way to new styles, so too is this year’s warmer weather giving way to the inevitable cold rain, punishing sleet, bitter wind, and accumulating snow of the colder months in Minnesota. St. Paul Automotive can help you get your classic car ready to spend the cold months back under the canvas cover in preparation for next year!

Minnesota Auto Repair Shop

We know how owners of classic cars feel about their vehicles. They are more than cars. They are even more than prized possessions. For most owners of classic cars, the cars represent a deep love and connection to a better time. Trusting that car to just any auto repair shop is out of the question. Trusting that car to St. Paul Automotive is an investment in the long-term wellbeing of your classic car.

Our technicians are highly trained and very well-respected members of the automotive repair industry. As vehicles go through the process of modernization, they become increasingly complex and technical, which requires that technicians keep pace with advancements and developments in automotive technology. Our technicians certainly do keep abreast of those developments, but they also never lose touch with our roots. The reason most auto repair technicians get into this business is their love of automobiles. To a certain extent, automobiles will always retain a very basic quality. They will have tires that grip the road and a power source that moves them in the direction you want to go. Classic cars are much closer on the spectrum of complexity to that basic description, but they are far from simple machines.

Auto Shop For Classic Cars

Classic cars require a soft touch, but also a deeper understanding of how automobiles were designed and built prior to the current generation of vehicles that represent a great leap in technological complexity. St. Paul Automotive understands both the vehicle and the vehicle owner’s connection with the vehicle and the need to keep it in good working order for the long run. Call us at (651) 298-0956 to bring in your classic car for a tune up!