Vehicle Emission Work

Most auto repair shops market themselves as being “full service” shops, but few have the track record to back up that kind of claim. St. Paul Automotive is different. We can back up every claim we make about our depth of knowledge of old vehicles and new vehicles, foreign vehicles and domestic vehicles, gas powered engines and hybrid engines. We can help you with diagnostics, repairs and preventative maintenance.

One aspect of vehicle ownership that all of us share is that annual state inspections are the law. To drive your vehicle in Minnesota, your vehicle must have passed inspection. The most crucial single component of the state inspection is the emissions test. To ensure that your vehicle will pass inspection, St. Paul Automotive offers repair and replacement services for all components of your vehicle that impact the passing or failing of an emissions test.

Passing State Inspection

As is true with any modern automobile, finding the source of a problem can be complicated to discern. In modern automobiles, a vehicle that has failed an emissions test signals to us to check the muffler and exhaust system first. If there is even a tiny leak in the exhaust system or catalytic converter, that vehicle will very likely not pass an emissions test. St. Paul Automotive staff will be able to identify and fix the leak.

The issue may be more difficult to determine, however, so we go to great lengths to find and fix the source of your vehicle’s emissions issue. It is possible that the problem could originate in the engine itself. It could also be that the vehicle’s computer is sending signals that result in higher-than-normal emissions. If you drive an older car or truck–one, say, that does not have a computer–the issue could be the result of simple aging. Diagnosing emissions issues requires knowledge of a wide range of vehicles manufactured over multiple decades.

Importance of Vehicle Emissions Testing

To be clear, emissions issues are important to diagnose for reasons beyond annual emissions tests. In addition to doing our part to protect the environment from the chemicals that automobiles produce, we also care about your health. If emissions are re-entering your vehicle, you could potentially suffer adverse health effects, and we want to know that we are doing our part to keep you and your passengers safe. For more emissions information or to make an appointment, call us at (651) 298-0956.