Vehicle Heater Repair St. Paul, MN

As the weather cools down and the temperature begins to drop, you may notice yourself turning on the heat in your vehicle. As we make the transition in seasons to colder air, your vehicle may not be as quick to turn. Having a working heater in your vehicle is not just a luxury in St. Paul, MN, it is extremely crucial. At St. Paul Automotive, we are here to make sure that your vehicle will keep you warm all winter long.

Diagnosing Heater Problems

St. Paul Automotive has been serving our local community since 1980. We have worked on several different types and styles of vehicles. Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter is a job that we are quite accustomed to. In St. Paul, MN, we are known for being experts in climate control issues and are specially trained to diagnose and repair car heater systems. If you are having trouble getting your heat to turn on, our professionals are here to help diagnose your problem and get it working in a timely manner.

Two Types of Heating Systems

Typically, if your heating system is having problems there are two different types of systems that could be faulty. If you own a water-valve heating system, your heater will work by a water valve. This valve allows all of your air to go through the matrix. The matrix temperature is set by regulating the amount of hot water going through it. Obviously, if the regulation system is off or the valve is not working, there could be a real problem. Another type of heating system within vehicles is an air-blending heating system. In this instance, the matrix is set at a constant temperature. The warm air from it is mixed with cooler air and temperature-controlled flaps then open and close to give you the right temperatures within your vehicle. If a part of this system is faulty, the entire system will typically fail. Our experts will take a look at your vehicle and determine the type of heating system that you have. From there, we will determine the cause of your problem and work with you to find the best, most affordable solution to getting your heat running once again.

At St. Paul Automotive, we pride ourselves in keeping our customers safe and comfortable in their vehicles all year long. If you are experiencing heating issues, don’t wait until the temperature drops below freezing. Give us a call and let us get you warmed up before the winter. For all of your St. Paul heating repair needs, give St. Paul Automotive a call today at (651) 298-0956.