Vehicle Suspension Repair Near Me

If you’re currently experiencing problems with your vehicle’s suspension, you may be looking for a reputable local mechanic near you. At St Paul Automotive, we have years of experience providing vehicle suspension repair to our growing number of customers in the area. Read on to learn more about signs that you may be in need of this type of auto repair.

Signs That You Need Vehicle Suspension Repair

Below are a few signs that your vehicle’s suspension may be damaged:

  • Pulling towards one side – One sign that your vehicle’s suspension may be failing is if your vehicle begins to pull towards one side when you’re turning. This often means that your vehicle’s shocks aren’t functioning properly.
  • Vehicle dips when stopping – Another sign that your vehicle’s shocks are damaged is when the front of your vehicle dips significantly when you stop suddenly. This can actually be extremely dangerous as it can cause your vehicle’s stop time to increase significantly.
  • Car rides rough – When your struts and shocks begin to wear down, you may begin to feel as if you feel every bump or dip in the road. This rough ride is typically a strong sign that your vehicle needs suspension work.
  • Uneven tire tread – Another sign that your vehicle may have a suspension problem is uneven tire treads. When your tires are wearing unevenly it could be because your suspension isn’t holding the car evenly.
  • Leaking shocks – Take a look directly at your shocks and if you see leaking fluid, it’s likely that your shocks need to be replaced.

Use the Bounce Test to See if Your Shocks Are Going Bad

One quick test to determine if you need vehicle suspension repair is to perform what is often called the bounce test. When your car is in park, press down on the front of your vehicle with all your body weight and bounce it a few times then release. Try this again on the rear of your vehicle as well. If your car continues to rock more than 2-3 times, it’s likely that your vehicle’s suspension is beginning to wear out.

ASE Certified Mechanics Providing Vehicle Suspension Repair

At St Paul Automotive we have a team of ASE certified mechanics who are well versed in all types of vehicle suspension repair. Our auto repair shop has all of the latest technology when it comes to repairing your vehicle’s suspension. To speak with a member of our auto repair shop in St. Paul, MN feel free to give us a call today at (651) 298-0956.