Warped Rotor Replacement

Have you been told that you need new rotors on your vehicle? If a rotor becomes warped it can result in diminished brake performance when the brake pads clamp onto a damaged rotor or disk. Though you probably won’t be able to see rotor warpage, you will probably be able to feel it. Brakes are one of the most important safety features on any car, truck, van or SUV. Bring your vehicle in to St. Paul Automotive if you notice a vibration or shutter when pressing on the brake pedal. Our mechanics can provide you with a comprehensive brake inspection to determine whether or not the rotor is warped and in need of replacement by one of our reliable auto mechanics.

What Are Car Brake Rotors?

The braking system on a car is made of a few different components, one of which is the rotor. A brake rotor or disk is a thick, flat, round piece of steel metal located on the inside of the wheel. Brake pads, located on either side of the rotor are used to clamp down and slowly stop the vehicle. The thickness of the rotor disk is needed to handle the friction and heat caused by the pressure of brake pads pressing hard on the steel rotor.

Signs Of Warped Brake Rotors

A warped rotor does not allow the brake pads to clamp down as easily. When the rotor begins to warp you may notice symptoms. Depending on the severity of the warping and whether the damaged rotor is located on front or back wheel, you may feel a slight or more noticeable signs of a warped brake rotor.

Brake Pedal – Vibration or shudder when pressing on the brake pedal

Brake Noise – Thumping or humming sounds could mean that the brake pads are hitting an uneven surface on the surface of the disk

Steering Wheel – Shimmy, vibration or wobble on the steering wheel is more noticeable if the damaged rotor is located in the front of the car

Repair Damaged Rotors

Not all damaged brake rotors need to be replaced. Your mechanic can examine the extent of the damage and determine whether the rotor is rusted or warped. Minor damage could be fixed by having the rotor machine turned to smooth out the surface. This can only be done a limited number of times and when the warping is not severe. In most cases it is better to have the warped rotor replaced by a trusted mechanic.

Comprehensive Brake Inspection

Reliable brakes are one of the most important vehicle safety features. Making sure that all components of the braking system are working correctly can prevent braking failure. Once a brake rotor has become warped it is time to turn to the experts at St. Paul Automotive to replace or repair the warped rotor. Stop by or call for an appointment for a comprehensive brake inspection if you notice a brake pedal vibration or noise that doesn’t seem right.

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