Winter Snow Tires St Paul

It has begun. Winter driving conditions in the Saint Paul, Minnesota area have resulted in numerous accidents around the system. Drive times have increased to double or triple normal highway drive time. Having a good set of winter snow tires can make the difference between ending up as another statistic in the morning traffic report or avoiding an accident altogether. Finding the best all-season or snow tires for your vehicle and budget can be easy. St. Paul Automotive can help you out with the best kind of replacement tires for your vehicle to get you where you need to go safely. And, tires purchased from St. Paul Auto, automatically comes with free tire rotations to cut down on premature tread wear.

Best All Season and Snow Tires

There is a wide range of all season tires and winter snow tires to choose from. There are several factors to consider when choosing which tires will provide you with the best performance, tread lifespan and safety. For many tire buyers the biggest factor is safety, with value and performance coming in right behind. Finding the right fit for your vehicle doesn’t have to be exhausting with the help of someone who knows tires and the unpredictable winter road conditions in Minnesota.

Superior Traction Driving on Winter Roads

At St. Paul Automotive, our experienced mechanics can inspect your existing tires and recommend replacement tires for either year-round performance or superior traction during dangerous winter driving conditions like we have already experienced this season. Important factors to consider when buying snow tires are related to tread patterns, grip and flexibility.

Important Factors in Winter Tires

Tread Patterns and Depth on Winter Snow Tires: look for tires that have a deeper tread depth for better traction in snow. Tread patterns should be specifically designed to channel slush away as you drive.

Flexibility of Rubber Compound in Cold Weather: in extremely cold temperatures, rubber tires can turn stiff and provide less traction. Winter tires are typically made of a rubber compound that is more flexible and provides a better grip in cold temps.

Traction on Ice Covered Roads: black ice and icy overpasses create hazardous driving conditions that many tires cannot navigate safely. Winter tires should have a large number of tiny slits that create biting edges on the ice.

Free Tire Rotations With Tire Purchase

Don’t forget to take advantage of free tire rotations when you purchase tires from St. Paul Automotive. Something as simple as rotating tires at proper intervals can add to the usefulness of vehicle tires. Tire rotation is a great way to get the most out of a set of tires and maintain proper tread patterns for all types of driving conditions.

Experienced Auto and Tire Mechanics

As winter driving conditions worsen, now is a great time to make an appointment with St. Paul Automotive to have your tires inspected for winter readiness. Our experienced mechanics can fit your vehicle with winter snow tires that are specially made to give you superior performance when driving in snow, sleet, extreme cold and icy road conditions. As a bonus, you will also be eligible for free tire rotations to extend the lifespan of the tires.

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