Winter Vehicle Maintenance

As we head into winter, you’re probably preparing your home for the colder weather, breaking out the sweaters, boots, and coats, and getting ready for the nights spent sipping a warm drink by the fireplace. But when you’re checking your list of winter preparations, don’t forget to make sure your vehicle is ready for winter, too! When winter hits, it can be a shock to your vehicle just as much as it is to you – especially if your car isn’t in tip-top shape. To ensure that your vehicle is ready for winter and won’t fail you during a particularly trying time – like, say, in the middle of a snow or hail storm, make sure your vehicle is in good working order before winter sets in, or you just might find yourself on the side of the road wishing you’d remembered to invest in new snow tires. At St. Paul Automotive, our St. Paul, MN winter vehicle maintenance experts will help you prepare for winter by checking over your vehicle to make sure there are no problems, making sure you have the right tires for the roads, and checking that all of your fluids are where they should be.

Tire Rotations and Tire Replacements

Making sure your tires are not only in good condition but are the right type of tires is important when winter rolls around. If it’s snowing, if there’s ice and rock salt on the road, snow tires or all-weather tires are recommended to be sure your vehicle is as safe as possible. We’ll check out your tires, give you a tire rotation, and make sure your tires will last through the winter and get you where you need to be safely every time.

Replace Old Car Parts

It’s always best to check your user manual when making repairs or replacing vehicle parts like filters, electric components, transmission equipment, brakes, and more. If your vehicle is due for a checkup or a part replacement, don’t put it off until spring; be safe, and get your vehicle serviced before the snow sets in!

Check Vehicle Fluids Before Winter and Get an Oil Change

Regular oil changes are crucial to helping your vehicle perform at its best, and that goes for the rest of your vehicle’s fluids, too. Make sure your transmission, brake, windshield, coolant, and antifreeze fluids should all be at the optimum levels for your vehicle.

Get Your Heating System in Working Order

Nothing is worse than getting in your car in below-freezing weather and realizing your heating system isn’t working. Get it fixed now before you’re sitting in a freezing car with no hope of getting it defrosted!

Winter Vehicle Inspections and Maintenance

When winter comes, don’t meet it unprepared and with unexpected vehicle repairs. To ensure you have a safe winter and don’t get stuck wishing you’d had your vehicle serviced or your old battery changed, check your vehicle’s user manual, and have your vehicle looked over. If you’re looking for a St. Paul, Minnesota winter vehicle maintenance shop, St. Paul Automotive is here to help, offering the best service with mechanics who have years of experience prepping cars for the harshest Minnesota winters. Call today at (651) 298-0956 to schedule your winter vehicle maintenance, and stay safe out there!