Your First Call for St. Paul Auto Repairs

There are many advantages of using a locally owned auto shop with deep ties to your community. For St. Paul Automotive, these ties are made deeper by our love of St. Paul and its citizens, as well as the commitment we have made to being the most knowledgeable auto repair technicians in the area. This is why we think St. Paul Automotive should be your first call for St. Paul auto repairs.

In addition to being cost-conscious and knowledgeable, our staff is also versatile. When we complete a repair on your vehicle, you can be confident that St. Paul Automotive is ASE-Certified and AAA-approved. There are no two more important acknowledgments in the auto repair industry, and St. Paul Automotive displays them both proudly. Both certification processes require periodic testing to ensure a minimum level of proficiency with current technology and repair standards.

Examples of the work we do for our customers are listed below:

Transmission and driveline services. Few things strike the kind of fear in a car owner than the words, “transmission problem.” There is no system of your vehicle that is more important than your transmission. Repairing a transmission requires specific knowledge and not all auto repair shops can complete these repairs. St. Paul Automotive can complete these repairs and will work to calm any fears of transmission problems by communicating clearly about your transmission issues in a way that is understandable, honest, and accurate.
Brake system repairs and replacement. The transmission delivers power to your vehicle’s wheels. Your brakes allow you to stop your vehicle safely when and where you want. Our staff can repair brakes that have worn down or replace brakes that cannot be repaired.
Steering and suspension services. Your transmission delivers power to the wheels, your brakes allow you stop your vehicle safely, but you also need your steering and suspension systems to be in good working order while your vehicle is traveling down the road. When these systems are in good repair, your vehicle remains in good contact with the road and responds to the direction in which you drive it.
Basic diagnostics and repairs. In addition to the services associated with more complicated repairs, we also provide excellent basic services, such as oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and scheduled maintenance for cars that are old and new, foreign and domestic.
Local Auto Repair Shop in St. Paul

Call St. Paul Automotive at (651) 298-0956 first if you have any questions about our services or want to schedule an appointment.